Contact Sharing

1Me generates for you a unique QR code for each card. Anyone with a smartphone can scan it to instantly save your contact information, no app needed. It's quick, convenient, and tech-savvy!

When it comes to sharing your contact information with 1Me, it's all about convenience, versatility, and a touch of tech magic.

Whether you’re at a business meeting, conference, a coffee shop, or a virtual meetup. 1Me makes sharing your contact a breeze. 

QR Code Super Power

Display your unique QR code and let anyone with a smartphone scan and save your contact details in a single tap. It's instant, seamless, and universally accessible.

NFC: Touch of Magic

For compatible devices, simply tap your 1Me-enabled phone with theirs, and watch your contact information transfer effortlessly. It's a tech-savvy handshake for the digital age.

Link Power, Unleashed

Share your card's link through any platform, from emails and messages to social media and even printed materials. No app installation needed for the recipient, just click and connect.

Crafted Email Signatures

Imagine adding your 1Me profile link or QR Code directly to your email signature. Now, any recipient can simply click or scan to access your dynamic contact card.

Digital Wallets Friendly

Add your contact card to Apple & Google Wallet. Turn your smartphone into a powerful networking tool. Simply share your Wallet card, your new connection instantly get all your relevant information saved securely on their device.

No Internet? No Problem!

1Me doesn't let a lack of internet hold you back! 1Me Offline Sharing is the perfect solution for exchanging information during offline encounters, like on flights, conferences, or even casual meet-ups. 1Me ensures you never miss a networking opportunity, regardless of your connectivity.

​1Me Smart NFC Tokens

Share your card with a Single Tap of a Carefully designed NFC Smart Card
Forget the awkward business card exchange and say hello to seamless networking with branded NFC Smart Cards paired with a QR code backup. It's a powerful combo that caters to both tech-savvy individuals and those rocking older phones.

Not everyone embraces NFC yet. That's where the strategically placed QR code comes in. For those with older phones or unenabled NFC, a quick scan with their camera lens unlocks the same digital door to your professional world. It's an inclusive approach that ensures nobody gets left behind in the networking game.

Email Signature Designer

Corporate-Level Interactive Email Signatures
Share more than just your name and email address. Link your profile to social media accounts, websites, portfolios, or even video introductions, creating a comprehensive digital showcase of your expertise.

Cater to diverse tech preferences. The sharable link works seamlessly across devices, while the QR code provides a visual shortcut for smartphone users, ensuring everyone can connect with ease.

Eliminate the need to constantly re-enter contact information. Any changes made to your profile are automatically reflected in the link and QR code, ensuring recipients always have the latest details.

Mobile Wallet Integration

With our seamless integration with Apple and Google Wallets, as well as Apple Watch Wallet, 1Me makes sharing your contact information as smooth as a handshake.
More Than Just a Contact Card:
  • Showcase your brand: Include your logo, tagline, and social media links to make a lasting impression.
  • Track engagement: See how many times your card has been shared and gain valuable insights into your network.
  • Stay connected: Encourage others to save your card for easy future communication.

1Me makes contact sharing a breeze, leaving you with more time to connect and less time fumbling. Download the app today and experience the future of effortless networking!