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What is 1Me Business Edition?

Unify your team's network and empower your brand with 1Me Business Edition. Ditch the paper chase and elevate interactions with sleek, branded digital business cards for every employee. Manage and update cards effortlessly, track engagement with powerful analytics, and customize templates to showcase your brand voice. Automate your workflow, onboard new hires seamlessly, and watch your network flourish with a unified platform built for success.
  • Branded digital cards: Unified brand image across the team.
  • Centralized management: Easy control over cards, templates, and employee access.
  • Engagement tracking: Gain insights into card interactions and optimize performance.
  • Customization: Design templates that reflect your brand identity.
  • Automation: Streamline workflows and onboarding processes.

Eco Friendly

We care about the planet, 1Me is an App-First solution


Apply your brand guideline and seasonable messages


Your team will love to use a card made by them, for them


Many easy sharing & networking options with a tap

Take Full Control

1Me Business Edition Control Center

Take the reins of your digital business card program with 1Me Business Edition's intuitive control center. From managing user access to customizing call-to-actions, every detail is at your fingertips. Watch your team's network flourish with a platform built for effortless brand management and insightful data.

  • User management: Onboarding and access control.
  • Engagement tracking: Monitor user interactions and campaign performance.
  • Customization: Design templates that reflect your brand identity.
  • Data insights: Gain valuable feedback and optimize your presence.
  • Effortless management: User-friendly interface for streamlined control.

Connecting made easy

Your team can share their contact information and network however they find most comfortable.
Smart Tokens
Email Signature

Zero Capron Print. Just Point & Shoot a QR Code is all what they need

Data-Driven Networking: Zero Capron Print isn't just about convenience, it's about insights. Track how many people scan your code, where they scanned it, and even what they viewed on your landing page. This data goldmine helps you understand your audience and tailor your connections for maximum impact.

Smart Tokens

A Single Tap of a Carefully designed and Branded NFC Smart Card

Forget the awkward business card exchange and say hello to seamless networking with branded NFC Smart Cards paired with a QR code backup. It's a powerful combo that caters to both tech-savvy individuals and those rocking older phones.

Not everyone embraces NFC yet. That's where the strategically placed QR code comes in. For those with older phones or unenabled NFC, a quick scan with their camera lens unlocks the same digital door to your professional world. It's an inclusive approach that ensures nobody gets left behind in the networking game.
Email Signature

With Shareable links Embedded QR codes

Share more than just your name and email address. Link your profile to social media accounts, websites, portfolios, or even video introductions, creating a comprehensive digital showcase of your expertise.

Cater to diverse tech preferences. The sharable link works seamlessly across devices, while the QR code provides a visual shortcut for smartphone users, ensuring everyone can connect with ease.

Eliminate the need to constantly re-enter contact information. Any changes made to your profile are automatically reflected in the link and QR code, ensuring recipients always have the latest details.

Easy Onboarding for Marketing Team

Marketing teams rejoice! 1Me Business Edition offers a dedicated control center, giving you the reins to manage your team's digital presence. Monitor usage, update information, and analyze engagement metrics, all from one convenient location.

Step 1: Setup your brand

Unlimited Templates & Contact Information for Different Teams.

1Me Business Edition empowers you to break free from one-size-fits-all digital business cards and embrace a world of unlimited branding potential and tailored contact information sets. This flexibility fosters individual expression, strengthens team identities, and ultimately, drives more meaningful connections and a more cohesive brand image.

Step 2: Onboard your team

Easily onboard your team powerful tools and automation options

Onboard Your Team to 1Me's Networking Powerhouse in Easy Steps!
  • Template-Driven Invites: Send invitations specifying a pre-designed card template from your library. This ensures brand consistency and saves your team time customizing from scratch.
  • Unique Corporate IDs: Each invite delivers a one-time ID like a golden ticket to join your 1Me network.
  • Mobile App Activation: Your team simply downloads the 1Me app and enters their unique ID, unlocking the door to building their personalized digital business card.
  • Seamless Card Creation: With the chosen template as a jumping-off point, your team can easily add their details and personalize their cards, ready to make powerful connections!
Step 3: Sit-back, and track!

A Bird-Eye Dashboard shows Effectiveness and Engagement of the Team

Forget just counting clicks and views. 1Me's dashboard unlocks granular data, revealing who your team is connecting with, what content resonates most, and which channels drive the highest engagement.

1Me Busines control center is your specialized dashboard with the tools to monitor and modify your organization cards' activity, Smart tokens, Integrations and more...

World-Class Integrations

1Me Business, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Power Automate, automates HR workflows and extends to other business areas. New hires instantly receive digital business cards, promotions trigger automatic updates, and departures gracefully deactivate cards. This efficiency frees up resources for strategic initiatives and ensures accurate information across teams. Embrace this dynamic duo to streamline operations and create a network of connected workflows, extending to CRM systems, marketing automation, customer support tools, and beyond.