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1Me is a digital contact card app that makes it easy to share your contact information with anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

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Your information is protected by industry-standard security measures.

Ditch the Plastic, 
Embrace the Future of Contact Sharing

From the get-go, 1Me was designed as an app-first solution. We weren't interested in replicating the tired model of disposable cards cluttering wallets and landfills. Instead, we dreamt of a sustainable, convenient, and feature-rich experience that revolutionizes the way you connect with others.

1Me is more than just a contact app; it's a conscious choice for a cleaner, greener future. We believe in innovation that empowers you to connect authentically, without compromising the planet.
Unlimited Cards
Customizable Profile Pages
Contact Sharing
Security & Privacy
Unlimited Cards

1Me empowers you to manage multiple identities. Create an unlimited number of personalized contact cards, tailored to different professional and personal connections.

  • Switch hats seamlessly! Craft unique digital cards for various contexts, ensuring your business and personal contacts get the right information, every time.
  • Take charge of your digital footprint. Choose exactly what information appears on each card and select specific audiences to share with.
  • Effortless network navigation. Manage your professional and personal circles efficiently with dedicated contact cards for each. Share the right information with the right people, effortlessly.
Customizable Profile Pages
1Me app allows users to customize how their contact information look for others. Users can upload photos, covers and customize the color theme of their card.
  • Unleash your creativity: Upload captivating photos and choose stunning cover images that reflect your personality or brand. Design a card that makes a lasting impression.
  • Express your style: Match your card's visual identity to your professional setting or personal brand. Go sleek and professional for business contacts, or let your personality shine through for friends and family.
  • Tailor the information: Include all the relevant contact details your audience needs, from phone numbers and email addresses to social media links and website URLs. Highlight what matters most for each connection.
  • Stand out from the crowd: A personalized card grabs attention and sets you apart from the generic digital crowd. Make a memorable first impression that lasts.
Contact Sharing
1Me generates for you a unique QR code for each card. Anyone with a smartphone can scan it to instantly save your contact information, no app needed. It's quick, convenient, and tech-savvy!

When it comes to sharing your contact information with 1Me, it's all about convenience, versatility, and a touch of tech magic
  • QR code superpower: Display your unique QR code and let anyone with a smartphone scan and save your contact details in a single tap. It's instant, seamless, and universally accessible.
  • NFC touch of magic: For compatible devices, simply tap your 1Me-enabled phone with theirs, and watch your contact information transfer effortlessly. It's a tech-savvy handshake for the digital age.
  • Link power unleashed: Share your card's unique link through any platform, from emails and messages to social media and even printed materials. No app installation needed for the recipient, just click and connect.
1Me's Insights & analytics features transform your digital contact cards into powerful networking tools.
  • Track your reach: See how many people viewed your cards, giving you a clear picture of your networking effectiveness. Did your presentation at the conference attract many eyes? Did your LinkedIn post with your card link generate buzz? Insights tell you all.
  • Discover your audience: Where are your viewers coming from? Are they local colleagues, international partners, or potential clients from a specific industry? Insights break down the demographics, giving you valuable context about your connections.
  • Identify potential leads: Did someone from a relevant company view your card multiple times? Insights help you pinpoint potential leads and prioritize follow-up actions.
Receive immediate notifications whenever someone views or interacts with your contact card. Stay informed about who's engaging with your digital identity, without having to constantly check the app.
  • Track your reach: See how many people viewed your cards, giving you a clear picture of your networking effectiveness. Did your presentation at the conference attract many eyes? Did your LinkedIn post with your card link generate buzz? Insights tell you all.
  • Tailored Alerts: Customize notifications to match your preferences. Choose to receive alerts for specific cards, actions (views or saves). Filter out the noise and focus on what matters most to you.
  • Stay Connected, Even Offline: Enjoy peace of mind knowing you won't miss important interactions. 1Me stores notifications for you even when you're offline, ensuring you stay up-to-date when you're back online.
Security & Privacy
1Me empowers you to take complete control over your contact information, ensuring it's shared only with the people you trust and at your discretion.
  • PIN-Powered Protection: Shield your most sensitive contact cards with an extra layer of security. Set a unique PIN code that will be required to unlock the card's information, even for those with the link or QR code.
  • Confidentiality at Your Fingertips: Ideal for sharing personal contact details, confidential business information, or any data you want to safeguard against unauthorized access.
  • Exclusive Access, Guaranteed: Only those with the PIN can view the card's content, ensuring your privacy is respected and your information remains secure.
  • Temporary Unavailability: Temporarily render a card inaccessible without permanently deleting it. Perfect for managing seasonal contacts, cards under development, or when you need to pause sharing for a specific period.